GLI Qualified Solid State LightingWe are the experts, so that our clients never have to be.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades are great way to redirect wasteful spending back to your balance sheet.

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The Other Green

Right now, energy savings from LED lighting can put 25% to 90% of your existing lighting energy costs back on your bottom line.

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GLI Works

GLI Works

If you buy LED lighting, Greenlight Initiative wants to work for you. Whether or not you have had a successful LED lighting experience or a disappointing one, we can help you.

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Have a Project? 

Who is Greenlight Initiative?

Greenlight Initiative (GLI) is a manufacturer’s representative and solid state lighting solutions provider. We serve purchasing/specifying/end user clients in the USA and Canada. Our primary focus is on the successful upgrade of existing incumbent lighting technologies to LED lighting. We are the only product representative to prequalify each of our manufacturers and their products to ensure project success every time.

We do not claim that the SSL technologies represented by our company are the only great ones available. We do make this promise: If Greenlight Initiative stands behind it, it has to be great.

What is GLI Qualified?

Since 2006, we are the only company to purchase, test, and prequalify LED products and the manufacturers that make them. Even today, with more standards in place and more efficient SSL product available, our relationship with a manufacturer require that they meet over 40 specific criteria just for us to begin a deep evaluation. We evaluate product integrity, engineering expertise and principles, patent rights, company financial integrity, and warranty strength to name a few. Since 2006, we have qualified less than 12 manufacturers who together can provide our clients with best-in-class solutions for near any lighting upgrade application. A simple, prequalified LED lighting solution for exterior and interior spaces that lead to results without failures. That’s GLI qualified!

The Greenlight Initiative 3F Principle: Facts – Function – Financials

LED lighting represents major potential for energy and maintenance savings.
When chosen and implemented correctly, solid state lighting will have the lowest overall lifecycle cost of any other lighting technology. LED lighting upgrades will also yield returns far more quickly than other capital intensive, “green” projects.
The GLI 3F Principle ensures that all of our clients to stay insulated from the LED failures, misinformation, and confusion still pervasive in the market place, and helps to decide quickly whether solid state lighting is the right choice financially. To see more on the GLI 3F Principle click here


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